Lisanne Hummel

Lisanne Hummel photo

Lisanne Hummel is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University in the public economic law chair group of the Law Department. In her research project ‘How should European competition law deal with innovation as a competitive pressure on big technological companies?’ she uses theories from innovation studies to examine the competitive dynamics caused by innovation in the digital sector. The PhD research is conducted as part of the fulfillment of the ERC Starting Grant project ‘Modern Bigness’ led by Prof. Anna Gerbrandy. Lisanne is further interested in the core values and goals of competition law, disruptive innovations and the interplay between technology, innovation and regulation.

Power in the digital society: A taxonomy of the composite power of Big Tech companies and a theory of Modern Bigness co-author with Lisanne Hummel, Laura F. Lalikova, Anna Gerbrandy and Pauline Phoa