Viktorija Morozovaite

Viktorija Morozovaite is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University in the public economic law chair group of the Law Department. She is a member of the Renforce research group and the Governing the Digital Society focus area. In her research project, Viktorija conceptualizes novel hypernudging practices used by digital platforms to dynamically steer users towards market and non-market outcomes based on their personal characteristics and circumstances. She examines hypernudging and its effects in light of article 102 TFEU. This research is conducted as part of the Modern Bigness ERC project, under leadership of Prof. Anna Gerbrandy. Viktorija is further interested in behavioral economics, artificial intelligence and the interplay between competition law and regulation.

Two sides of the digital advertising coin: putting hypernudging into perspective

Power in the digital society: A taxonomy of the composite power of Big Tech companies and a theory of Modern Bigness co-author with Lisanne Hummel, Laura F. Lalikova, Anna Gerbrandy and Pauline Phoa