Abbey Stemler

Abbey Stemler is a leading scholar on the sharing economy and has published multiple articles on the subject and related topics in top journals such as the Iowa Law Review, Emory Law Journal, Maryland Law Review, Georgia Law Review, and Harvard Journal on Legislation. Her research also explores the interesting spaces where law has yet to catch up with technology. In particular, her aim is to expose the evolving realities of Internet-based innovations and platforms and to find ways to effectively regulate them without hindering their beneficial uses. As she sees it, many modern firms inhabit a world that operates under alien physics—where free is often costly and “smart” is not always better. She employs tools and insights from economics, behavioral science, regulatory theory, and rhetoric to understand how we, as a society, can better protect consumers, privacy, and democracy. Abbey is also a practicing attorney, entrepreneur (she sold her first business at age 29), and consultant for governments and multinational organizations such as the World Bank. Abbey earned her JD and MBA from Indiana University.