Kazuhiko Fuchikawa

Kazuhiko FUCHIKAWA is an Associate Professor in Osaka City University (April 2020-present). He received a Ph.D. in Law from Keio University in 2014. He was a Research Associate in Keio University (2012-2013); Assistant Professor (2013-2015) and Associate Professor (2015-March 2020) in Yamaguchi University. His principal writing includes ‘Comparative Analysis of the Japanese Subcontract Act and the Regulations on Unfair Trade Practices in the EU: Focus on the Grocery Industry’ in Fabiana Di Porto, Rupprecht Podszun (eds.), Abusive Practices in Competition Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018) 405-424; ‘Regulations of Digital Platform Markets under the Japanese Antimonopoly Act: Does the Regulation of Unfair Trade Practices Solve the Gordian Knot of Digital Markets?’ (2020) 65 The Antitrust Bulletin 102-119.