16th ASCOLA (Virtual) Conference

Important: times indicated are Central European Summer Time (CEST, utc+2, Brussels time). Check your time at time.

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Main event Panels

Panel I
Algorithms and Antitrust
Session Chair: Giorgio Monti
Nicolo Zingales, Kati J. Cseres, “Algorithmic nudging as an exclusionary concern”
Lena Hornkohl, “Article 102 TFEU as a tool to enforce algorithmic discrimination towards end consumers”
Maria T. Patakyova, “How to Enforce a Pricing Algorithm under EU Competition Law? Solutions-Oriented Approach”
Eduardo Molan Gaban, Vinícius Klein, “A new language for A.I. and the legal discourse”
Fabiana Di Porto, Tatjana Grote, Gabriele Volpi, Riccardo Invernizzi "'I see something you don't see': A Computational Analysis of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act"


Session chair: Valeria Falce
• Sebastien Peyer, “Private remedies and digital markets”
Rupprecht Podszun, “A Principled Approach to Platform Regulation”
Anush Ganesh, “Application of competition law to zero-price online platforms: Convergence of three areas of the law”
Konstantina Bania, “Taming the ‘Big Tech’ Beast: Regulating online platforms to protect competition in digital markets”
Ki Jong Lee, “Cross-Market Impact of Platforms' Activities: A Proposal to Introduce the Obligation to Define a Secondary Relevant Market”
• Geoffrey Parker, Georgios Petropoulos, Marshall Van Alstyne, “Platform mergers and antitrust”

Collaboration and Cartels

Session chair: Josef Drexl
Giulia Schneider, “Data Pools for Collaborative Research under Art. 101 TFUE: Lessons from The Proposed Regulations for Data Markets”
Alison Jones, Caio Mario Pereira Neto, “Combatting Corruption and Collusion in Public Procurement: Lessons from Operation Car Wash”
Mariateresa Maggiolino, Laura Zoboli, “Blockchain Governance: The Missing Piece in the Competition Puzzle”
Luz M. García Martínez, “Transparency through blockchain consortia in digital finance: potential antitrust risks?”
Anna Tzanaki, “Varieties and Mechanisms of Common Ownership: A Calibration Exercise for Competition Policy”

Annex sessions

Annex session 1
Annex Session 1: 9:00-11:00 CEST 1st July
9:00-10:20 Competition and Data Protection Session chair: Emanuela Arezzo
Wolfgang Kerber, Karsten K. Zolna, “The German Facebook Case: The Law and Economics of the Relationship between Competition and Data Protection Law”
Simonetta Vezzoso, “'Gatekeepers' Interoperability Mandates: A Contextual Analysis of the Italian Android Auto Decision”
Valeria Falce, Nicola M.F. Faraone, “Digital markets as attention-engagement markets”
Klaus Wiedemann, “Consumer Autonomy, Competition Law and Data Protection Law in the Digital Economy: On the Relationship between the German Federal Supreme Court’s Facebook-Decision, the Revised German Competition Act and the Proposal for a Digital Markets Act”
Shubhangi Heda, Sakhi Shah, “Exploring the Intersection of Data Protection and Competition Law”

9:00-11:00 Annex session 1

12:00-12:10 Welcome by Michal Gal (ASCOLA President)

12:10-13:55 Main event Panel I
Algorithms and Antitrust


Collaboration and Cartels

14:05-15:50 Main event Panel II
General Perspectives

Market Power

Developing Economies

Keynote Prof. Carl Shapiro (Berkeley) "Antitrust: What went Wrong and How to Fix it"
16:45-16:55 virtual toast with all members

16:55-17:30 Happy hour for spontaneous virtual meetings (if you have the time!)

18:00-20:00 Annex session 2

9:00-11:00 Annex session 3

12:10-13:55 Main event Panel III

Competition in Specific Industries

Regulation of Agreements


14:05-15:50 Main event Panel IV
Digital Competition

Enforcement Challenges

Competition, Innovation, and IP

16:00-16:45 Economic expert Panel: Innovation Economics, Richard Gilbert (Berkeley), Monika Schnitzer (Ludwig Maximilian University)Moderator: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College, London)

18:00-20:00 Annex session 4

9:00-11:20 Annex session 5

12:00-14:00 Main event Panel V
EU law

Antitrust in Asia


14:15-16:00 Main event Panel VI

Competition and Other Policies

Antitrust Challenges

16:00-17:00 Panel on Career challenges: How to make and maintain an academic career (not just as a woman) Moderators: Rupprecht Podszun and Kati Cseres Panelists: Anna Gerbrandy (tbc), Juan David Gutiérrez, Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, Wendy Ng
17:00-17:15 Virtual toast with all members Prize for best paper by a young academic

18:00-19:30 Annex session 6