Economic Analysis of Public Law

Prof. Liam Wells, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

22/11 || 23/11 || 24/11 || 25/11 || 29/11 || 30/11 || 01/12 || 02/12 || 06/12 || 07/12 || 08/12 || 09/12   09:00-10:30

The course will offer an introduction to the economic approach to public law, an introduction that will emphasize broad philosophical and theoretical debates, rather than techniques and very specific topics. It will adopt a broad view of Economics, embarking on positive analysis – the explanation of legal norms and institutions, as well as normative analysis – ways of evaluating these norms and institutions. These analyses will be based on various branches of economics, such as neoclassic microeconomics, welfare economics, behavioral economics, focusing on public choice, the branch of economics dealing with collective decision-making, which is a key foundation of public law – the law governing the state institutions and the relations among them, as well as the relations between the state and its individuals.