Doping, Sports and the Law

Prof. Ulrich Haas, University Zurich, Swisserland

09/05/22 || 11/05/22 || 15/05/22 16:00-19:30; 13/05/22 09:00-12:30   ושתי הרצאות מוקלטות מראש  

Doping poses a threat to organised sport because it calls its fundamental values into question. Sports organisations therefore invest a lot of money and time in sophisticated systems to combat doping in sport. In doing so, the sports organisations are not only limited by the natural sciences, but above all by the overall legal framework. In addition, the fight against doping takes place in a difficult and very dynamic transnational environment. The course consists of three parts. In the first part, the historical, social and ethical foundations that shape the fight against doping will be presented. The second part then deals with the legal and organisational foundations of the fight against doping. Finally, the third part is dedicated to the settlement of doping-related legal disputes.