Kalpana Tyagi


Kalpana Tyagi is Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property and Competition Law in the European and International Law Department, Maastricht University. She holds a multidisciplinary PhD (summa cum laude) from the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich where she worked as Max Planck Fellow for Innovation and Competition until 2015. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business strategy (I division) from College of Business Studies, New Delhi (2002), a bachelor’s degree in law (I division) from the Department of Law, New Delhi, an LLM degree in International Business Laws (I division) from Singapore and China (2009) and a specialized master in European Law and Economics (magna cum laude) from University of Hamburg, Bologna and Ghent (2012).

Dr. Kalpana Tyagi comes with over 9+ years’ research and teaching experience across Europe, Asia and the USA. A qualified lawyer, she has also practiced as a legal consultant across China, Singapore and Brussels. She has received international fellowships in both law and business strategy across Asia (International Education without Borders Fellowship, Dubai, 2009), USA (Lee Iacocca Fellow, 2009) and the EU (Erasmus Mundus, 2011-2012 and Max Planck Fellow in Competition and Innovation, München, 2012-2015). She pursued her LLM, with majors in International and minors in Chinese business laws across Singapore and Shanghai. In the UK, she worked on dispute resolution and third party funding with Vannin Capital in London. She has also worked as a research policy analyst at International Telecommunications Union, Geneva. Thereafter, she worked at the University of Århus, Denmark, where she developed the Center for Ret & Digitalisering (CREDI), the Department of Digitalization with focus on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain technology.

Competition Policy, with a touch of Green: From ‘Competition on the merits’ to ‘Sustainable’ Competition on the Merits