Yoseph M. Edrey

Prof. Yoseph M. Edrey


Ph.D. Dissertation

Y. M. Edrey, (Hebrew), Income Tax Law – Income from Employment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel pp. 1-353. (1979). Doctoral dissertation: Supervisor: Prof. Aaron Youran.

Authored Books – Published

1. Yoseph Edrey (Italian – translated by Prof. Marco Greggi) Elementi di diritto tributario, (Ferrara, 2018).

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Articles in Refereed Journals

Accepted for publication

1. Y.M. Edrey (Hebrew), Hierarchy of legal and constitutional provisions: The constitutional status of the Annual Budget Law and law of return as test cases”, Neeman Book, (A. Barak & D. Gliksberg eds.)


1. Y.M. Edrey (Hebrew) “Constitutional problems in the legislative processes of the Arrangements Laws` The Congestion Tax Law as a case study”. 36/1 Misim (Taxes), (March 2020) A-39.

Articles in Refereed Journals Published (continued)

2. Y. Mץ. Edrey (Hebrew), “Taxation of the Prime Minister: Tax Exemptions, Tax Refunds, Unlawful increase of PM Compensation, and the Public Freedom of the Press.”,34/4 Misim (Taxes), (Dec. 2020) A-1.

3. And the assessment of the prime minister and the public’s right to know

4. , Taxes LD / 4 (December 2020) A-1

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Publications, Articles in Refereed Journals, continued

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Articles in Refereed Journals Published (continued)

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Publications, Articles in Refereed Journals, continued

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Publications, Articles in Refereed Journals, continued

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Publications, Articles in Refereed Journals, continued

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Chapters in Books

1. Y. M. Edrey, “Taxation and the Encouragement of Financial, Social, and Human Capital Investments: Tax Competition and the Government Tax Policy in Developed and Developing Countries in the Middle Eas: Israel as a study case”; in: Tax Law and the Mediterranean Area Current Issues in the Time of the Global Crisis (Bologna, Italy, in-press).

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6. Y. M. Edrey. “Social Rights under the Israeli Constitution” (Hebrew). In Berenzon Book, Eds, A Barak & H. Bernzon, Jerusalem, pp 45-117 (2000).

Higher Education

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies


Ph.D. (Law) ‑ The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.  Doctoral dissertation: “Income Tax Law ‑ Income from Employment”.


LL.M., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Faculty of Law. Masters thesis: “The Deductibility of Business and Personal Expenses Under the Income Tax Laws of Israel, US, Sweden, Germany and France”.


LL.B., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Faculty of Law.

Post Doctoral Studies


Visiting Scholar, School of Law, University of Pennsylvania.

Subjects: Federal Income Tax, Tax Policy, Welfare Law.