Daniel Benoliel

Prof. Daniel Benoliel

Prof. Daniel Benoliel (LL.B, LL.M, J.S.D.) is a law professor at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law and a member of the Haifa Center of Law and Technology (HCLT). His main fields of expertise include international intellectual property, patent law, innovation, public international law, and entrepreneurship law.

Benoliel is the author of Patent Intensity and Economic Growth (Cambridge University Press, Intellectual Property, and Information Law series, 2017) and Improbable Leaders: The Battle of Developing Countries for Access to Patented Medicines (with Bruno M. Salama) (F.G.V. University Press, 2017) (In Portuguese).

He holds a Doctorate in law (J.S.D.) from the UC Berkeley School of law (Boalt Hall). He has been a John M. Olin Research Fellow with the John M. Olin Center for Law and Economics at UC Berkeley and an alumnus of the Yale Law School Information Society Project (I.S.P.). Benoliel has received numerous prizes, awards, and research grants in these fields.

Prof. Benoliel serves as legal advisor to the Zuckerman Institute, which supports academic research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the United States and Israel. In addition, he wrote legal opinions and advised high-tech companies traded on Nasdaq and many start-up companies in telecommunications, biosciences, software, e-commerce, and medical devices. Daniel is also a marathoner and an Ironman triathlete.

International Intellectual Property
Patent Law
Public International Law
Entrepreneurship Law


Daniel Benoliel, Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Global Inequality (with F. Gurry, K. Lee & P. Yu, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, Intellectual Property and Information Law series, 2022) (forthcoming)

Daniel Benoliel, Patent Intensity and Economic Growth (Chinese edition) (CUP, 2022) (forthcoming)

Daniel Benoliel, Patent Intensity and Economic Growth (Cambridge University Press, Intellectual Property and Information Law series, 2017)

Daniel Benoliel, Improbable Leaders: The Battle of Developing Countries for Access to Patented Medicines (with Bruno M. Salama) (FGV University Press, 2017) (Líderes Improváveis: A Batalha dos Países em Desenvolvimento pelo Acesso a Medicamentos Patenteados) (in Portuguese)



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Daniel Benoliel, The Denial of Prime Ministership from a Member of Parliament with Indictment in view of Public Confidence, ICON-S-IL Blog (21.4.2020) (in Hebrew)

Towards a Cyber Security Policy Model: Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) Case Study, Global Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centers – NoC Internet Governance Case Studies Series (July 2014) ) (a version of the policy brief is published with North Carolina J. L. & Tech. 16(2) (March 2015))

Joint EPIC-Yale ISP Comments to the European Commission on Privacy Data Retention (2004)

Voice-Over-IP (VoIP): Justifications for Regulation comments on the ‘Bellhead/Nethead: The FCC takes on the Internet’ conference, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (2004)

Academic Experience 

  • Academic Visitor, University of Oxford Faculty of Law, Oxford Intellectual Property Research Center (OIPRC) (Hilary & Trinity Terms 2021) & St. Catherine’s College Visiting Fellow (Hilary Term 2021)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Bologna Faculty of Law, Italy, European Union Erasmus Plus program (March 2018)
  • Research Workshop Grant, Israel Science Foundation (ISF), on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Global Inequality, 2018
  • Visiting Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, at Munich, Germany (July-August 2016)​
  • Adjunct Lecturer, The Bronica Entrepreneurship Center (BEC), the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (2010-2019; recipient of Excellent Teaching Award for 2017)
  • Cambridge University Press, Intellectual Property and Information Law series, Pool of peer reviewers (2014-present)
  • Research Grant, Israel Science Foundation (ISF), for a study on Patents and Innovation between Advanced and Developing Countries, 2015-2017
  • Research Grant, Minerva  Center  for  the  Rule  of  Law  under Extreme  Conditions, for a study on Cyber Security and Public International Law (with Dr. Yaniv Roznai), 2015
  • Co-Organizer and member of the Academic Prize Committee of the Israeli Ministry of Justice – Patent Commissioner’s Prize for Outstanding Student Article National Competition (2008-2019)
  • Visiting Professor, European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) Erasmus Mundus Program at University of Masaryk Faculty of Law, Brno, Czech Republic (March 2014)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Lucerne, Faculty of Law, Lucerne Academy on Human Rights Implementation, Lucerne, Switzerland (July 2009)
  • Visiting Professor, The Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Faculty of Law, São Paulo, Brazil (Aug.-Sept. 2009)
  • Member at the Harvard-Stanford Junior Faculty Forum for 2009, for selected article titled: “Towards an Intellectual Property Bargaining   Theory:  The Post WTO Era”  [International Articles Competition & Conference]
  • Microsoft Research Award for Outstanding Research Paper, Latin American and Iberian Law Economics Association (ALACDE), 2009, for selected article: Towards an Intellectual Property Bargaining  Theory:  The Post WTO Era
  • Visiting Fellow, Yale Law School – Information Society Program (ISP), 2004-2005
  • Research Fellow, John M. Olin Fellowship, University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, John M. Olin Center for Law and Economics (2002-2004)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, DAAD Residential Fellowship, Law and Economics Graduate College, at the University of Hamburg (Graduiertenkolleg fur Recht und Okonomik, Universitat at Hamburg), Germany , 2003
  • Research Grant , Information Technology Research (ITR), University of California at Berkeley, The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), for a study on On-line territorial privacy (2002)
  • Research Grant, University of Haifa Gishush Grant, March 2010 for “Technological Change over Software Patents”
  • 1st Place Award, The Fourteenth Computers, Freedom and Privacy Annual Conference (CFP 2004) Student paper competition (2004)
  • 1st Place Award, The Thirtieth Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC 2002) Graduate Student article competition (2002)