Shulamit Almog

Prof. Shulamit Almog

Shulamit Almog is a Full Professor of Law at the University of Haifa.

Her research focuses on law and culture, law and literature, law and film, children’s rights and feminist legal studies. She has published numerous books and articles in US, Canadian, European and Israeli law reviews.

Alongside her academic work, she is she is publicly active on human rights issues, appearing before the Israeli Knesset, drafting sections of Israel’s report to the UN on the International Convention on Children’s Rights, and participating on the committee reforming Israel’s Adoption Law.

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  • Children’s rights
  • Gender Inequality
  • Labor Law
  • Law and Culture
  • Law and Feminism
  • Law and Film
  • Law and Literature

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  • LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • M.A., Faculty of Humanities, Haifa University.
  • Ph.D., Faculty of Humanities, Haifa University.

Fields of Intrests

  • Legal Feminisem, Law and Sexuality
  • Law and Literature
  • Law and Film
  • Law and Digital Culture
  • Law and Visual Culture
  • Law and Narative
  • Labor Law
  • Children’s Rights
  • Feminist Legal Studies

Academic Experience

Presentations in Conferences (selection)

Further Information

​Supervising LLM and PhD​


  • ” It’s my body” -Youth’s perception towards decision-making regarding their vaccination for coronavirus (Supervised with Dr. Keren Or-Chen)
  • Linoy Even Kesef, “Social Infamy tax paid by women in prostitution in Israel” (with Dr. Dana Kahtan)
  • Moriel Arev – Memory and Oblivion: From Borges to Gibson – The right to be forgotten in the digital space as emerging from literary representations
  • Idit Itzcovich- Times of work and rest: the law in changing reality
  • Karnit Gefen- The nature of judicial intuition : judicial intuition’s practices on the background of legitimacy dilemmas. (Supervised ‘with Prof. Zvi Eisikovitz)
  • Itai Mishor​ – Between “Revenge Porn” and “Shaming”: Legal and Cultural Aspects


  • Linoy Even-Kesef, “Nothing about us without us”- and beyond, On the question of representing the voices of women in prostitution in legislative processes that concerning them
  • Dr. Limor Malul, The shadow of Nazi medicine casts on the construction of the field of clinical trials on human subjects in Israel (with Prof. Nadav Davidovitz)
  • Dr. Liat Franco, “Cyberbullying, an evolving phenomenon amongst children and youth demands reframing local and international law” ( supervised with Khalid Ghanayim )
  • Dr. Barbara P Billauer, When judges and scientists use the same words to mean different things – Investigating the meaning of ‘science’ in law from a ‘law and culture’ perspective
  • Dr. Marva Ish-Am, From narrative understanding to legal recognition – Comprehending parental trauma narrative as a tool for realizing legal rights of children with disabilities (Supervised with Dr. Sagit Mor)
  • Dr. Elit Ben Ari Prenatal Selection in the Age of Technology – Overt and Covert Ideologies
  • Dr.Yaniv Zaid- Legal rhetoric in an era of technological changes.
  • Dr.Perry-Hazan, Lotem- On the right to education and the right to educate : the autonomy of the ultra-orthodox education in Israel
  • Dr.Adi Libsker- Sexual Offences Against Women During the Time of War: Literature and Film Alongside Law.
  • Dr.Tamar Peled Catz- Surrogate mothers in Israel: Building in legal, social and cultural Aspects (Supervised ‘with Prof. Zvi Eisikovit)