the Haifa Forum of law and society

מחקר והוראה

The mission of the Haifa Law and Society Forum at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law (HFLS) is to foster interdisciplinary study of the intersections of law and society. HFLS projects emanate from the understanding that law and society are not distinct arenas, but are interrelated and constitutive of one another. The HFLS provides a venue for a broad range of projects focusing on such questions as: the role of law in relation to other social institutions and competing normative orders; theoretical and empirical studies of legal institutions and decision-making processes by officials; the gap between law in the books and law in action; alternative dispute resolution; law in deeply divided societies; law and geography; law and minorities; law and culture and lawyering. The HFLS offers local and international scholars an academic hub designed to promote reflection and research on these and connected issues through guest lecture series, research workshops, and a diverse teaching curriculum

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