Prof. Amnon Carmi

Professor Amnon Carmi has developed and promoted the field of health law, medical ethics and bioethics for over fifty years. His academic activity embraced three layers: research, administration, and teaching. As part of his research, he has written and edited dozens of books, and  founded and edited the International journal for Medicine and Law. As part of  the administration he led and served for many years as President of the World Association for Medical Law. As part of his teaching, he has lectured at many universities on the five continents. The theme and vision of bioethics education grew and developed by Prof. Carmi during teaching in medical schools. In international studies conducted by him, he has noticed the failure of the accepted teaching method of medical ethics. Prof. Carmi devised a revolutionary teaching method of bioethics, and formulated it with the assistance of over a hundred senior educators from around the world.