Multinational Cybersecurity Forum

The Center for Cyber, Law and Policy, University of Haifa in collaboration with The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative

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Digital systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, threatening infrastructure and individual safety.
High-profile global threats to private and public infrastructure, data, and more recently also hacking of the democratic process, are the focus of frenzied discussion in industry, media and policy circles. Meanwhile, laws, norms and policies – as well as the decision makers who shape them – are struggling to keep up. Which models of cyber collaboration best serve industry and national security? What should be the role of the private sector in securing data and networks? How can we protect civil liberties in the cyber ecosystem? How can checks and balances be designed to protect against the abuse of cyber technologies by governments and industry? There is an urgent need to develop innovative technological and legal strategies to address these challenges properly.

This colloquium will bring together a select group of cybersecurity policy experts from the US, Germany, India, Australia and Israel, with background in government, industry, academia or civil society. The goal will be to deepen cyber-security policy ties among key countries and contribute to better policy making globally.