Digital Networks and Democratic Discourse 2013

An international workshop co-organized by Rutgers University Law School, USA and the Haifa Center for Law and Technology (HCLT), Israel. Generous funding provided by the Ford Foundation​

​​​The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the new power dynamics of information, the transformation of institutions involved in shaping public discourse, the rise of crowd politics and the crowd journalism, the "Fifth Estate" as a contested concept, the role of online intermediaries, the impact of these changes on political power and notions of the public interest, and the challenges for liberal democracies. What risks and opportunities are created, and how should policy address them? Our goal is to begin to develop a vocabulary and a collaborative community for thinking about these challenges outside of the conventional legal frameworks of privacy, censorship, competition, and the net neutrality.

The structure of the workshop will be fully participatory for each section. We will have discussion questions circulated in advance. We have tentatively assigned the people below to take the lead in the given sections and to prepare some remarks (10 minutes). Ideally, these remarks will address some of the questions we’ve posed. Anyone who would like to circulate a paper may use that as a jumping off point as well.

The conference will be held on Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rabin Building, Haifa University

For further information and to join the contact list: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.​​