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The Civil Litigation Clinic is an innovative clinic, whose goal is to provide theoretical and practical tools that will enable the participants students to promote human rights (especially among disadvantaged populations) using civil law tools: tort proceedings, class actions, remedies for infringement of rights Etc.

The accumulated experience in the field of human rights lawyering shows that traditional constitutional and administrative law tools, despite their importance, do not provide a sufficient solution to the violation of human rights. The problem derives from the limited range of possible remedies and from the the procedures of law and evidence. For example, while in public-law proceedings remedies are limited (especially in the administrative process) to forward-looking preventative measures – the civil proceedings give greater power to the individual who has been wronged, to demand compensation and restitution. Monetary remedies create an important deterrent effect that influence the conduct of the public authorities in the future thus making civil procedures an important auxiliary tool for promoting human rights.

Moreover, the understanding that the violation of human rights, especially among the disadvantaged populations, may occur not only by public bodies but also by powerful private entities – reinforces the need to provide individuals with protection against abuse of power gaps. Examples include injustice in the collection of financial debts, denial of rights to insurance compensations, discrimination, and predatory loans and marketing, and  other consumer injuries to large and sometimes weakened populations.

The clinic will provide students with a rich theoretical and practical educational experience of the range of civic legal tools  for promoting human rights. The clinic will invite students to engage in a reflective and critical discussion concerning the advantages and disadvantages of civil procedures as a tool for promoting human rights.

The clinic will be accompanied by an academic seminar:  Dr. Yehuda Adar.

 Clinic Staff

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