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The Civil Litigation Clinic is extremely involved in projects promoting LGBTQ rights. The clinic represented a young transgender man currently residing in France. The client has been receiving treatment for over five years and is now interested in changing the sex listed on his French ID ... Read More


The legal feminism clinic gives legal aid to survivors of sexual assault and rape, including helping them access various entitlements .One entitlement that many victims are unaware of is social security benefits that they are eligible for if the trauma has made them unable... Read More


Contact tracing technologies – Covid-19
The Law, Technology and Cyber Clinic, together with partners wrote a study concerning models of mitigating the chains of infection using contact tracing technologies (CTT). The two-pronged approach adopted... Read More


The human rights clinic deals with various cases of undocumented persons, at our walk-in human rights’ station in Hadar neighborhood in Haifa, This case involves a nine year old girl, let’s call her Luna. Luna was born in Israel to Palestinian.. Read More

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