Dr. Yehuda Adar

Private Law Theory, Legal Remedies, Contract Law, Tort Law, Punishment and the Crime/Tort distinction, Law Enforcement & Consumer Law, Comparative Law

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Dr. Adar teaches at the University of Haifa in Israel. He works in the areas of contract law, private law theory, legal remedies and comparative law.  He is the author of a leading Israeli monograph entitled Contract Law:  The Remedies—Towards Codification of the Civil Law (2009) (in Hebrew), as well as many journal articles.  His research analyzes the role of remedies in private law from various angles: conceptual issues such as the definition and scope of the law of remedies, extra-ordinary remedies such as punitive and disgorgement damages, remedies in relational contracts, remedies in mixed-jurisdiction countries, the interrelations between contract and tort doctrines (e.g. comparative negligence and mitigation) and accumulation of remedies. He has also analyzed the new Israeli Civil Code and the possibility of unifying contract and tort remedies. Dr. Adar is an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Private Law, Faculty of Law, at the University of Haifa. He earned his LL.B. (1996) and LL.D. (2003) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


  • LLB (magna cum laude), The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, 1997.
  • LLD (within the Special Direct Program to L.L.D), The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, 2004.
  • Post L.L.D, The University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Research in the fields of Legal Theory and Private Law, 2004.


  • Private Law Theory
  • Legal Remedies
  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Punishment and the Crime/Tort distinction
  • Law Enforcement & Consumer Law
  • Comparative Law