Prof. Alexander (Sandy) Kedar

Property, History of Law

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​​Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar teaches at the Law School at the University of Haifa. He holds a Doctorate in Law (S.J.D) from Harvard Law School. He was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan Law School as well as a Grotius International Law Visiting Scholar there and a visiting associate professor at the Frankel Institute for Judaic studies in the University of Michigan (2008-2009). His principal research focus is on legal geography, legal history, law and society and land regimes in settler societies and in Israel. He is also active in public struggles over distributive justice in Israeli land and is the co-founder (in 2003) and director of the Association for Distributive Justice, an Israeli NGO addressing these issues.

Among the publications he authored and co-authored are: The History of Law in A Multi-Cultural Society: Israel 1917-1967 (Co-editor, 2002); "The Legal Transformation of Ethnic Geography: Israeli Law and the Palestinian Landholder 1948-1967", 33 (4) NYU J. Of International Law and Politics, 923-1000 (2001); "On the Legal Geography of Ethnocratic Settler States: Notes Towards a Research Agenda (5Current Legal Issues,  405-444, 2003); From Arab Land to "Israel Lands": The Legal Dispossession of the Palestinians Displaced by Israel in the Wake of 1948" 22 Environment and Planning D:  Society and Space  (2004) pp. 809-830 (With Geremy Forman).; " Colonialism, Colonization and Land Law in Mandate Palestine: The Zor al-Zarqa /Barrat Qisarya Land Disputes in Historical Perspective" Theoretical Perspectives in Law Vol. 4(2) (2003) (pp. 491-539) (with Geremy Forman). "The Legal Construction of Rural Space in Israel" State and Society 2(5) (2005, Hebrew). "Land Regimes and Social Relations in Israelin Swiss Human Rights Book (Henrando de Soto and Francis Cheneval Eds. 2006 with Oren Yiftachel); "Public Land: Strategies on the Struggle for Distributive Justice" in Rainbow of Opinions (Yossi Yonah and others ed. 2007) (Hebrew) "Re-Examining the 'Dead Negev Doctrine': Property Rights in Arab Bedouin Regions" 14 Law and Government 7-147 (2012) (Hebrew) (With Oren Yiftachel and Ahmad Amara. He is co-editing with Irus Braverman, Nicholas Blomley and David Delaney The Expanding Spaces of Law: A Timely Legal Geography (Stanford University Press, 2014) in which his "Expanding Legal Geographies: A Call for a Critical Comparative Approach" will be published as well as a co-written introductory chapter, "Expanding the Spaces of Law: An Introduction."

Kedar is currently in the last stages of writing a co-authored book: Terra Nullius In Zion? Indigenous Bedouin Land and Contested Legal Geographies of the Negev, Palestine/Israel.


  • S.J.D. Harvard Law School, Boston, USA, 1996
  • LL.M. Harvard Law School, Boston, USA, 1989
  • Post B.A., General Studies, Faculty of The Humanities, Tel-Aviv University , 1985
  • LL.B. Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University , 1986


  • Land Regimes
  • Legal Geography
  • Property
  • Legal history
  • Law and Society

Professional Experience

  • 2004-2005 - Member of the Jury, International Architectural Competition for Unrecognized Villages, Organized by De Balie Cultural Center, Amsterdam.
  • 2005 - Member of the Steering Committee, first conference of the Israeli Association for Legal History.
  • 2003-present - Founding Member of the Israeli Association for Distributive Justice
  • 1996-2003 - Head of the Land Committee of the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow.
  • 2000-2002 - Co-Editor of Scientific Book on Legal History. (The History of Law in a Multicultural Society: Israel 1917-1967 R. Harris, S. Kedar, P. Lahav & A. Likhovski (eds.), (Dartmouth, Ashgate, 2002)
  • 1998-2000 - Referee and reviewer for professional journals including, Law and Society Review, Law and Social Inquiry, Iyuney Mishpat, Mishpatim, Bulletin of Israel Studies and Hamishpat. Reviewer for the Israeli Academy of Science, Reviewer for the South African National Research Foundation.
  • 1996-1997 - Member of the Organizing Committee of the Israeli Legal History: Conference Honoring the Jubilee Year. (With Professor Pnina Lahav ,Boston University, and Dr. Ron Haris,. Tel-Aviv University. The conference took place on May 19-21, 1997.)
  • 1992 - Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School, USA.

Professional Milestones

  • GIF (German Israeli Foundation) (With Yfaat Weiss, Dieter Gosewinkel and Philipp Ther) Research grantfor 3 years – Total budget grant including the German part : 186,720 Euro. Project title: "Out of Place: Ethnic Migration, Nation State Formation and Property regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Israel"
  • Israeli Science Foundation (Founded by the Israeli Academy of Science). Grant for research Proposal: Israeli Land Regime: Land Regime in Israel, 1948-1998: Genesis, Transformation, Implications and Reform. Grant for the three years 1999-2002, with Professor Oren Yiftachel.
  • The Center for Research on the Bedouins, Ben Gurion University. Grant for research proposal on "The Legal Status of the Bedouins in the Land of the Negev". 3,000$, 2006-2007.
  • Israeli Science Foundation (Founded by the Israeli Academy of Science). Grant for research Proposal: The Rise of a New Land Regime: Changes in Israeli Legal Geography 1992-2002. Grant for the four years, 2002-2006, with Professor Oren Yiftachel.
  • Research Grant. Embassy of France, Center for Cultural Cooperation. For a research project on Land Regimes in French Algeria and in Israel. (2002).
  • Elected Person of the Year, by the Journal "Mivnim" (2001).
  • Person of the Year in the field of Real Estate in Haaretz Daily and Globes Daily. (2002) (with other members of the Mizrachi Democratic Rainbow).
  • Former Editor in Chief, Mishpat U Mimshal (Law and Governement)
  • Founder and Former Editor in Chief, Din U Dvarim, Haifa Law Review
  • Member of several Law Faculty and University of Haifa Committees Currently University: member of the Senate of the University, Senate's University Library Committee, Senate Constitutional Committee, Special Committee on the Status of Contractor's Workers, University Graduate School's Grant Committee, Board Member The Jewish Arab Center; The Jewish National Fund Prize Committee, University Board of Trustees. Law School Master Program Committee, Committee on the Special Master Program for Acting Judges, Advisory Appointment Committee, In charge of Ph.D. Colloquium. In the Past: Faculty of Law: Research Committee, Dean's Search Committee, Teaching Committee, Student Committee, Head Alumni Committee. University: Exam Policy Committee (Moed Gimel)

Further Information

Born in Paris, France, Married.