Alison Jones


Alison Jones is a Professor of Lat at King's College London. Alison is co-author of Jones and Sufrin's EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (7th edn, OUP, 2019) and the author of a number of articles in journals and edited collections.

Alison has recently embarked on a research project examining how public procurement processes can be improved to prevent them from being undermined by either corruption (where a public official diverts a contract to a preferred bidder in return for a financial or other benefit), supplier collusion (where contractors rig, and coordinate their bids for public tenders (bid rigging)), or both. 

A core aim of the work is to propose that these problems should be addressed by analysing public procurement, anti-corruption and competition policies together. This will help to achieve synergies and ensure that the policies do not contradict one another. 

Links to the articles to be presented can be found here: