Francisco Marcos


Prof. Francisco Marcos is an expert in economic analysis of law, commercial and competition law, he teaches law at IE Business School (Spain). He holds a law degree from Universidad de Oviedo, an LLM form Berkeley [Fulbright scholar (1994-1995)] and a PhD from the University of Bologna. He has worked as an independent and short-term consultant for the Asian Development Bank, the Centroamerican Bank for Economic Integration, the European Commission and the World Bank-IFC, advising governments, companies and firms on different matters in the area of market regulation and antitrust law. He worked as a lawyer in PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS (1993-1994), and he served as the Client and Users’ Ombusdman at SGAE (2010-2014) the main copyright collecting society for composers and music publishers in Spain. In October 2006 he was appointed General Director of Competition Policy at the Regional Antitrust Authority in Madrid, stepping down from that position on September 2009. Nowadays he is academic consultant of CCS Abogados in Madrid. He is member of the Editorial Board of World Competition (Kluwer); the European Business Organization Law Review (TMC Asser) and of European Company Law (Kluwer). Author of numerous academic works, including four books, he also has written more than ninety contributions to collective books or law-review publications.