Ioannis Lianos

Ioannis Lianos serves as President of the Hellenic Competition Commission since September 2019. Moreover, Lianos is Professor, Chair of Global Competition Law and Public Policy at the Faculty of Laws, University College London (on leave). He is trained in both law and sociology. Professor Lianos is the founding director of the Centre for Law, Economics and Society (CLES) at UCL Laws and served as the executive director of the Jevons Institute of Competition Law & Economics at UCL.  He was the academic leader of the BRICS competition research initiative. He is also a senior editor in many specialised journals in the competition policy field as well as the co-editor of the GLOBAL COMPETITION LAW & ECONOMICS series (Cambridge University press). He has published extensively books and articles in various languages and leading academic journals. His most recent publications include Competition Law: Analysis, Cases and Materials (OUP, 2019), Regulating Blockchain: Techno-Social and Legal Challenges (OUP, 2019), Reconciling Efficiency and Equity- A Global Challenge for Competition Law? (CUP, 2019), Brands, Competition and IP Law (CUP, 2015), Damages Actions for Competition Law Infringements (OUP, 2015), Competition and the State (SUP, 2014), the two volumes Handbook in European Competition Law (Edward Elgar, 2013), Competition Law and Development (SUP, 2013), The EU after the Treaty of Lisbon (CUP, 2012), Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO (CUP, 2012). In 2012 he was awarded the Philip Leverhulme prize for his seminal research on economic evidence. He is also a Laureat of the French Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (2005).