Eugenio Olmedo-Peralta

Commercial Law Senior Lecturer at the University of Málaga. His research activity covers different fields of private and public law, especially relating to competition Law and policy, regulated sectors -mainly transports and energy- and liberalization processes, Intellectual Property, new technologies, the regulation of the sharing economy, commercial contracts and corporate Law. His research has a strong international background, since he has worked in different research institutions in Spain, Italy and Germany. Currently, he is the principal investigator of a Spanish National R&D Project on the Cooperative mechanisms for a more efficient enforcement of European competition Law and policy (EuroCoopComp); and he is also coordinator of the Spanish Research Thematic Network on Competition Law (Red Académica de Derecho de la Competencia), founded by the Spanish Ministry of Science. He is also principal investigator of the project Challenges for the enforcement of European Competition Law of the University of Málaga (2017-2020). He is the author of four books and over forty book chapters and articles published in national and international scientific journals. Some of his works have been awarded different recognitions such as the Best Monograph on Transports, best paper awards… He holds a five-years degree in Law (2007) and a two-years LL.M. in Companies Legal Consultancy by the University of Málaga. He holds the Andalusian regional award to the best academic performance, so as the National Award Young Lawyers (2008). He obtained his PhD on Company Law and Financial Markets at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2013, where he defended his doctoral dissertation on the Accounting duties and liabilities in the corporate governance of capital companies, as a scholar of the Collegio di Spagna in Bologna. Then he completed his postdoc building at the Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich (2013-2014 and 2015). Currently he completes his building with studies in Economics.