Björn Lundqvist

bjoern lundqvist

Björn Lundqvist is Associate Professor of Law at the Law Department, Stockholm University. He is the head of EU Law and Competition Law research group and Co-Director of the European Economic LLM programme. Björn is also Member of the board of Academic Society for Competition Law (Ascola) and the Director of the Nordic Ascola chapter. Björn has published extensively on Competition and IP Law and Innovation related issues. Recent publications are ‘Cloud Service as the ultimate Gate(keeper)’ The Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 220–248; Competition and Data Pools, Journal of European Consumer and Market Law, 2018 Vol. 7(4), 146-155; Standardization for the Digital Economy: The Issue of Interoperability and Access Under Competition Law, The Antitrust Bulletin, 2017, Vol. 62(4) 710-725. Björn has recently been editing one book ‘Competition Law for the Digital Economy’, editor Björn Lundqvist with Michal Gal, ASCOLA Competition Law series Edward Elgar 2019, and he has published two monographs, ‘R&D collaborations under the Competition Rules of the European Union and The Antitrust Laws of the United States’ (Edward Elgar monograph, pp. 303, May, 2015) and ‘Standardization under EU Competition Rules & US Antitrust Laws: The Rise and Limits of Self-Regulation’ (Edward Elgar monograph, pp. 496, May, 2014).