Oles Andriychuk

Oles Andriychuk (PhD / EUI) | @oandriychuk1 | is a Senior Lecturer in Competition and Internet Law at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Co-director of the Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law and Policy and a Member of the Strathclyde Centre for Antitrust Law and Empirical Study. His main research is centred at philosophical, normative and constitutional aspects of (EU/UK) competition law, economics and policy. His recent monograph "The Normative Foundations of European Competition Law: Assessing the Goals of Antitrust Through the Lens of Legal Philosophy" (EE, 2017) has been reviewed inter alia in CMLRev, World Competition, CoRe. His ASCOLA 2020 presentation is focused on conceptualising the relationship between Competition Law and Industrial Policy through the perspective of the emerging postmodern antitrust discourse. 


 Short video presentation