15th ASCOLA (Virtual) Conference

Important: times indicated are Central European Summer Time (CEST, utc+2, Brussels time). Check your time at time.

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Main event Panels

Panel I
Session Chair: Giorgio Monti
• Konstantinos Stylianou, Marios Iacovides, “Goals and Purposes of EU Competition Law: Results of a Comprehensive Emprical Investigation”
Juha Vesala, “Competition law approaches for verifying sustainability benefits claimed as justifications”
Dina I. Waked, “Big Business, Innovation and Growth: Competition or Concentration”
Theodosia Stavroulaki, “Equality of opportunity and antitrust: The Case of the US News and World report rankings”
Ramsi Woodcock, “The Contrasting Approaches to Power of the Modern State and the Antitrust Laws: Lessons for the Regulation of Digital Platforms”
Data Markets and Competition Law
Session Chair: Valeria Falce
Laura Zoboli, Antonio Davola, “Data Sharing and Voluntary Licensing Models-from FRAND Towards FRAND-S”
Giulia Schneider, “Designing Data Pools: Which Data Protection Safeguards for Emerging Sharing Remedies?”
Martina Anzini, Anne-Carine Pierrat, “Data Pools as Information Exchanges between Competitors: An Antitrust Perspective”
Shuya Hayashi, Koki Arai, “AI, Big Data and Competition”
Can Atik, Bertin Martens, “Governing Agricultural Data and Competition in Data-driven Agricultural Services: A Farmer's Perspective”
Session chair: Sofia Oliviera Pais
Soojin Nam, “Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position" in Practice: Experience from Korea”
Christian Bergqvist, “Discrimination and Self-favoring in the Digital Economy”
Anne C. Witt, “Exploitative Abuses in the Age of Dominant Digital Platforms - The German Facebook Case”
Sofia Oliviera Pais, “Big Data, digital platforms and the revival of the concepts of exploitative abuse and abuse of economic dependence
Marios Iacovides, Christos Vrettos, “Environmental degradation as abuse of dominance - The moral and constitutional imperative and an analytical framework under Article 102 TFEU”

Annex sessions

Annex session 1
Annex Session 1: Digital Markets and Competition Law, 9-11 CEST, 25th June
9:00-10:20 Session
Session chair: Wolfgang Kerber
Wolfgang Kerber, “"Market Power" and "Market Dominance": Need for Rethinking (the Role of) these Concepts in the Digital Era?”
Bhawna Gulati, “Impact of Price Discrimination in Platform Markets: Special emphasis on Cab Aggregators' Market”
Arlen Duke, Rhonda Smith, “Platform businesses and market definition”
Daniel Gill, Wolfgang Kerber, “The GDPR's Right to Data Portability - A Solution for Data Access Problems in the Connected Car?”
10:20-11:00 Panel on competition law in times of pandemic, panelists: Giorgio Monti, Nicolas Petit, Okeoghene Odudu, Maarten Pietr Schinkel, moderator: Fabiana Di Porto

a Di Porto Concept_Covid-19 panel

a Monti CPI EU-News-Column

a MontiI et al Covid-19 Competi Law


aPoster Covid-19 Competititon

aSchinkel_Corona crisis cartel

9:00-11:00 Annex session 1

12:00-12:10 Welcome by Michal Gal (ASCOLA President)
12:10-13:55 Main event Panel I

Data Markets and Competition Law

14:05-15:50 Main event Panel II
The Institutional Framework


Economic expert Panel: Current Economic Challenges at the basis of Competition Law
Steven Salop (Georgetown), Dennis Carlton (Chicago), Moderator: Daniel L. Rubinfeld (Berkeley, NYU)
16:40-16:50 virtual toast with all members

18:00-20:00 Annex session 2 (partly in Portuguese)

9:00-11:00 Annex session 3

11:30-12:20 Keynote by European Commission Executive Vice President and Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager. moderators: Rupprecht Podszun and Peter Picht >> manuscript of the speech
12:30-14:10 Main event Panel III
Platform Markets

Data Markets, Data Protection and Competition

Developing Economies
14:20-16:00 Main event Panel IV
Digital Competition

Competition in specific industries

Algorithms and Competition Law

16:10-17:00 Panel on tips for young academics, Danny Sokol, Giorgio Monti, and Michal Gal, moderator: Rupprecht Podszun

18:00-20:30 Annex session 4

9:00-11:20 Annex session 5

12:00-14:00 Main event Panel V
Platform Markets

Competition, Innovation, and IP

14:15-16:00 Main event Panel VI

General Perspectives

EU competition law

16:00-16:15 Virtual toast with all members
Prize for best paper by a young academic

18:00-19:30 Annex session 6

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