Further procedures and achievements

Equal education for the Arab Palestinian minority in Israel

In the past two years the clinic has set a goal to spearhead the efforts to promote equality in education in the Arab state schools. The clinic has partnered with the National Arab Parents Association and offers both legal advise and representation in individual legal cases and projects for policy change. Thus, the clinic is preparing legal action meant to challenge unequal state funding of Arab state schools, a fact that is openly admitted by the Ministry of Education in their publications.

Freedom of Expression

In light of the recent infringements on the freedom of expression in schools (including teachers' expression as citizens outside of schools, and expression within schools), the clinic, together with several partners has embarked on a project aimed at protecting freedom of speech in education. The clinic launched a campaign educating teachers concerning their rights, and the students are currently conducting a survey among teachers concerning their perception of the protection of their freedom of expression. The clinic also filed a policy paper criticizing a bill that prohibits schools from allowing members of certain organizations to lecture in schools (the bill is popularly know as "Breaking the Silence Bill", because it was brought forward in order to combat the educational activity of Breaking the Silence, an organization that publicizes testimonies of soldiers involved in military activity in the occupied territories).

The Right to Education of Children involved in Criminal Procedures

The clinic is examining whether the right to education is sufficiently safeguarded when children are involved in criminal proceedings, including within juvenile court, arrest, and prison. The clinic is cooperating with children's court in order to examine the accepted practices concerning the right to education, and has also approached the Ministry of Education and the Prison authorities.

Informing and Educating Educators and Decision Makers

The clinic is in the process of writing a book directed to educators and educational decision makers regarding equality in education. The book aims to explain in an attractive and concise manner the policy and normative issues concerning the different practices that can affect educational equality and to inform them of their legal duties in this regard.

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