Illegal Sorting of Students

Sorting students according to their academic ability, or their socioeconomic class is unlawful in Israel. Empiric research also shows that sorting has a negative effect on educational equality and causes ethnic segregation. The clinic has successfully combatted several cases of forbidden sorting of students in state schools, in the town of Ramat Gan (2013-2014), in Daliat El-Carmel (2015), and in sorting students enrolling in first grade in the School for Nature in Tel Aviv (a petition against illegal sorting was accepted in 2016; the clinic filed an amicus curiae brief in a petition filed by parents from the school demanding to reinstate sorting. The parents' petition was rejected 2017).

The clinic is currently (2017) involved in cases concerning sorting in the "Kfar Hayarok" and in the town Givat Shmuel.

Following the clinic's persistent activity the relevant unit in the Ministry of Education is making better efforts at enforcing the prohibition on student sorting.

The clinic is also involved in examining the general enrollment policy in the city of Haifa, in order to ensure that it promotes equality and integration (joint project with the Flagship Project at the University of Haifa).

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