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טל ז'רסקי


Prof. Tal Zarsky was unanimously elected to serve as the new Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa

ניצן גסלביץ' פקין

Why Bachelor stars are suddenly shilling for crypto

If you insist on getting crypto advice from Bachelor people, you should know they’re being paid for it.
Dr. Nizan Geslevich Packin: “As we’ve become more reliant on humans as living billboards … their job got much harder, and they haven’t kept up on technology”

GLP & Student Exchange

Sagi Luuk, Stockholm University Law School

As part of the university exchange program, I attended a semester at Stockholm University Law School. Thousands of students from around the world take part in the project, so this

Dani Gur, Lucerne University

I really enjoyed the program and I would definitely repeat it – highly recommend to anyone considering. Switzerland is a peacefull, tidy and beautiful country (there are two fun tours

Rik den Boer, University of Haifa

”Ever dreamt of watching sunrise at the beach and sunset on a mountain (or the other way around)? It is all possible when you study at Haifa University. My stay

Shoval Dayani, University of Florida

The university is located 10 minutes drive from the sea, the weather in the area is tropical (there are surprising rains and then it gets sunny and warm again). On

Academy for Community

The education law and policy clinic helps refugee children

The education law and policy clinic has been involved in ongoing litigation against the town of Petah Tiqva in the past 4 years because of their refusal to enroll refugee children to education institutions, and when they do so (after litigation) they enroll them to segregated kindergartens.

Recently Published​

אלדר הבר

Criminal Copyright, A new book by Prof. Eldar Haber

In this illuminating book, Eldar Haber analyzes the circumstances, justifications, and ramifications of the criminalization process and tells the story of how a legal right in the private enforcement realm has become over-criminalized.


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