Dr. Yehuda Adar


Professor Adar is regarded by many as the leading Civil Remedies expert in the Israeli legal academia. His primary areas of research include Civil Remedies, Torts, Contracts, Consumer law and Private Law Theory, topics on which he has published in American, Canadian, Israeli, European, and Italian Law Journals. He is the primary co-author of the leading Israeli treatise on contract remedies (2009, Hebrew). This work is regularly cited by the Israeli Supreme Court (around 80 cases in the past decade) and the other courts (around 800 cases in total). Adar has served as member of the Standard Form Tribunal, Editor-in-Chief of the Haifa Law Review, and expert witness in Arbitrations before the LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration) and the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). He serves regularly as academic advisor for leading Israeli law journals and has recently advised the Yale Law Journal.

  • LLB (magna cum laude), The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, 1997.
  • LLD (within the Special Direct Program to L.L.D), The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, 2004.
  • Post L.L.D, The University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Research in the fields of Legal Theory and Private Law, 2004.


  • Private Law Theory
  • Legal Remedies
  • Contract Law
  • Tort Law
  • Punishment and the Crime/Tort distinction
  • Law Enforcement & Consumer Law
  • Comparative Law


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