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Global Law Program

European Master's in Law and Economics - EMLE

The European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) program provides a level of academic excellence recognized by the Erasmus Mundus as well as additional academic experts. The program has recruited distinguished scholars from across Europe and the rest of the world to share their knowledge and instruct the next generation of lawyers, economists, and policy makers.

Accredited by numerous institutions in Europe, the program also provides a supreme level of internationality in its professors, universities and its students.

Students who participate in the EMLE program will receive an official degree from any university that is a partner in the program


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Student Exchange Programs

student exchange

Here are some universities with which exchange agreements exist

 the experience of studying abroad an important experience that constitutes a significant contribution to law studies. Studying in other cultures, among students from all over the world is extremely enriching.

Ever dreamt of watching sunrise at the beach
Dani Gur, Lucerne University
Shoval Dayni, University of Florida
שגי לוק
Sagi Luuk, Stockholm University Law School