Legal Clinics
Haifa Faculty of Law
Legal Clinics
Haifa Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at University of Haifa believes that law can play an important role in promoting social justice in the educational system, through various different legal action – litigation, advocacy and policy change and research.

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Conflict Resolution – Deprived Populations

In a world in which the vast majority of conflicts are solved outside of the court, or in negotiations during court proceedings, this novel Clinic, led by advocate, mediator and social worker Dana Feinreich-Gilo, aims to utilize the tools of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in order to promote the rights of matginalized communities and empower them.


The Clinic for Law and Educational Policy

Since its establishment The Clinic for Law and Educational Policy has become a leading force in reforming the Israeli system of education. It handled hundreds of inquiries and provides legal advice, represents clients in their dealings with the Education Ministry, and when warranted files court cases.


The Clinic for Legal Feminism

The Feminist Legal Clinic was established in 2005 and worked in partnership with “Itach-Ma’aki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice” a feminist NGO for the past decade.

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Law, Technology & Cyber Clinic

The Law, Technology & Cyber Legal Clinic at University of Haifa Faculty of Law focuses on the legal challenges that emerge in the digital ecosystem.


The Clinic for Public Defender’s Office

The Public Defender Clinic is operated in cooperation with the Haifa Office of Israel Public Defender. The clinic is run by two staff attorneys of the Haifa Public Defender office, and the law students are teamed with public defenders and assist them in representing suspects and defendants in a variety of criminal proceedings


The Clinic for Human Rights in Society

The Clinic for Human Rights in Society was established in 2002 with the aim of utilizing law in order to promote human rights, and especially issues concerning poverty and social exclusion.


The Civil Litigation Clinic

The Civil Litigation Clinic is an innovative clinic, whose goal is to provide theoretical and practical tools that will enable the participants students to promote human rights (especially among disadvantaged populations) using civil law tools: tort proceedings, class actions, remedies for infringement of rights Etc.

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