I really enjoyed the program and I would definitely repeat it - highly recommend to anyone considering. Switzerland is a peacefull, tidy and beautiful country (there are two fun tours like to Geneva and Strasbourg).The biggest bonus of the program is the huge variety of people who come from so many countries: Namibia, China, USA, Qatar and many more. The studies themselves are interesting and deal with global human rights issues, which unfortunately, in Israel do not get much exposure and of course there are elective courses that can focus on a specific area of ​​interest. In terms of load, the schedule of an average Israeli student in Israel is busier than the schedule in the program. The highlights of the program are a staged trial that takes place in front of a panel of experts. It's a must for every jurists.


מתן קדוש, באוניברסיטת שטוקהולם

״כחלק מתכנית חילופי הסטודנטים לקחתי חלק בלימודי משפטים באניברסיטת שטוקהולם. החוויה הייתה מהנה ומאתגרת – הכרתי חברים מכל רחבי אירופה וצפון אמריקה והשתתפתי במגוון רחב של פעילויות חברתיות מטעם האנוברסיטה

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