European Cyber-security Law

Prof. Jakub HaraštaProf. Radim Polčák, Masaryk University, Czechia

25/04/22 || 01/05/22 16:00-19:30; 27/04/22 || 03/05/22 14:00-17:30; 29/04/22 || 06/05/22 09:00-12:30

Legal issues related to cybersecurity cover broad ranges of topics ranging from the criminal law all the way to the international humanitarian law. This course provides an overview of legal issues related to cybersecurity and focuses on the EU legal framework of both the cybersecurity (NIS directive, Cybersecurity Act) and other legislation focusing on data protection and security both within the EU (GDPR, Directive on European critical infrastructures) and the Council of Europe (Budapest Convention). Broader considerations for international cybersecurity (UN GGE, UN OEWG) will be discussed and analysed. The course will make use of case studies focusing on individual countries, issues and cybersecurity incidents.