Economic Analysis of Private Law

Prof. Jaroslaw Beldowski, Dr. Hila Nevo

15/11 || 16/11 || 17/11 || 18/11 || 21/11 || 22/11 || 23/11   12:00-16:00 19/11 09:00 – 13:00 
28/11 || 05/12 || 12/12 || 14/12   10:00 – 14:00

This course aims at giving students an overview of the most important insights from the economic analysis of private law. It combines economic analysis of property law, tort law, and contract law. As far as property law is concerned, the course integrates the legal and the economic approach to ownership and illustrates costs and benefits of different ways to protect entitlements. As far as tort law is concerned, the course offers a comparative analysis of the legal principles from an economic perspective, particularly regarding the structure of liability, the damage compensation, and the insurance. As far as contract law is concerned, the course illustrates its goals and functions from an economic perspective. Moreover, it aims to provide a functional understanding of the spectrum of feasible contracts and of their use in legal practice.