Data governance and competition law – an EU Perspective

Prof. Simonetta Vezzoso , Trento University, Italy

16/05/22 || 18/05/22 || 19/05/22 || 25/05/22 || 26/05/22   16:00-19:30

The European Union has been the world leader in the area of data protection since the first national legislation in the field was enacted by the German State of Hesse back in 1970. In the last decade, and due to the digital revolution, the interaction with competition law has become increasingly complex, as played out in all relevant enforcement areas, from cartel prohibitions (e.g., data spaces) to merger control (e.g., the Google/Fitbit merger). A new layer of complexity is added by a more regulatory approach by way of the enactment of the Digital Markets Act. The course will deal with the interface between data protection and competition policy as it is currently evolving in the EU, both “horizontally” and with regard to specific sectors (e.g., finance).