Global Technology Law and Policy / Prof. Tal Zarsky

Prof. Michael GeistProf. Tal Zrasky , University of Ottawa

1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 6/5 – Haifa; 17/5 – ZOOM; 10-13/05 – Bocconi

Global Technology Law and Policy is an intensive three-week course that examines the development of global technology and intellectual property policy. The ciurse is a joint initiative of the University of Ottawa and the University of Haifa with ten students from each university participating. The first week of the seminar will be held in Ottawa with five classes focused on global technology law institutions including the World Intellectual Property Organization, ICANN, the ITU, the European Union, the OECD and other private and public global forces and entities. Classes will also feature several guest lectures and academic site visits. Students will transfer after the first week to the University of Haifa, where classes will continue during weeks two and three on the global institutions and the development on policies on intellectual property, Internet governance, cybersecurity and privacy. Students will form project groups to focus on a single specific policy issue and present their findings to the class in the final week of classes. In addition, they will submit a final paper related to the course’s materials, in accordance to the predefined scope of seminar papers at the University of Haifa – Faculty of Law.